Big Sky Developments

"I appreciate the help of Genesis Engineering over the past few years.
Chris Wasia and his team are responsive, focused on client priorities,
reasonable, and discreet. They provide good value for services billed."

                         John Robbins – Greathorn Properties
MoonDance Homeowner’s Association - Road Maintenance Program

"From the inception of Genesis Engineering, the Board of Directors of the MoonDance
Homeowner’s Association, Big Sky, Montana, has been very fortunate to have Chris
Wasia and his Team consult, plan and develop designs for maintenance and repair for
the roads for which the Board was responsible.  The Team’s expertise and advice was
important in developing the Board’s confidence in an unconventional road failure
resolution involving soil nails…Genesis Engineering was also very thorough in identifying
what preventative maintenance was needed and what other risks of failure were present
in the existing roads.  The Genesis Engineering team developed a comprehensive 20-
year technical and financial roadmap to maintain asphalt surfaces and roadway drainage
to get the maximum life from the subdivision roads…They also demonstrated
professional project management by working closely with construction firms to develop
cost-effective plans and designs to mitigate the identified risks.  Their project
management skills also extended to overseeing construction to ensure the efficacy of the
final implementation.  The overall benefit of involving Genesis Engineering has been the
successful anticipation of problems before they became major repairs and caused
serious and immediate funding crises to members of the MoonDance Homeowners
Association.  Thank you Genesis Engineering for you professionalism and courtesy that
complements your project management skills and technical expertise!"

  MoonDance Board of Directors
Magalsky Family

"Over the last few years you and your people have done a satisfactory job for my
family and me as we chewed through the various (agencies, and bureaus & toll
bridges) requirements. Thanks to your professional approach, experience and work
ethics we have, together, put together a family transfer on a piece of property on
the edge of a small town.  It seemed to be no end to the demands of the various
branches of government and their representatives.  When the small town’s attorney
demanded various compliances including the writing of new statutes mid-game,
Genesis advised and guided us through it.

We gave way to the powers that be and thanks to your 'going the extra mile',
together we have completed a very important goal and milestone.  Thanks, Chris,
for being up-front and honest and leading us through the bureaucratic maze.  It’s
been a job well done."

                                                                                           Joe Magalsky
Billion Auto Plaza II

"I worked with Genesis Engineering on the new Billion Auto Plaza in Bozeman,
and throughout the project Genesis was very professional, very willing to work
with our busy and fast paced schedule, at the same time thinking about cost,
common sense, and quality. We will continue to use Genesis Engineering on
future projects and would recommend them to any contractor or developer."

                                         Mike Allsop – Miller Construction
Stream Permitting Projects

"Thank you for your timely and professional assistance concerning a recent project
involving both the stream site location and preparation for the eventual placement
of a forty ton capacity steel bridge.

Your ability to coordinate with various agencies stream permitting and the
manufacturers design requirements, allowed a site crossing based on the least
impact to the stream and surrounding vegetation.  As a result the project readily
adhered to my original goals and timeline."

                                                                                         Paul Gaffney
Northfork Road Improvements

"Chris and Genesis have been incredibly responsive, polite and professional.  They
have always provided up to three bids which have been carefully detailed and
explained (options for costs, time frames for work, diagrams of work to be
performed, before and after photos for our records.) They have personally
overseen the work, provided, and finished the work they were contracted for, and
have taken great care to ensure that all owners have had access to them for
questions or concerns during the maintenance and construction processes.

Our road is one of the most beautifully maintained roads in Big Sky and we credit
Genesis to its maintenance."
                                                                                       Stacy Ossorio
                                                                              Northfork Road Association
Greathorn Ranch HOA - Road Maintenance Program

"I have personally worked with Chris and Genesis for nearly ten years.  In those ten
years I have known Chris not to be anything other than professional, honest and
courteous.  Chris has been involved in personally engineering and maintaining a
number of roads in K-Ranch and Great Horn Ranch in Big Sky.  These roads were
engineered with the safety, county, town, community and environment in mind.  I
have never had a negative issue of any kind with Chris’s work.  I am now the
President of the HOA for Great Horn Ranch and at the Board’s recommendation, we
have retained Genesis as our engineering consultant for all the road maintenance
management in our 640 acre development.  Genesis has been performing these
services for our development since 2007."
                                                                                     William Kunkel
                                                                     President - Greathorn Ranch HOA
Big EZ Estates HOA - Road Maintenance Program    -   11 miles of roads

"Chris has an extensive knowledge in the construction and maintenance of roads
and specifically the complexities of mountain roads.  His expertise has been critical
on a number of occasions over the years.  We have had several complex road
failures over this time for a myriad of reasons ranging from soil issues, drainage,
and poor subgrade materials used during construction.  Chris has been key in
helping us diagnose the root cause of these problems and he is careful to develop
pragmatic, not gold plated, solutions.  This has saved us a considerable amount of
money on our repair projects.  We have also completed a number of preventative
maintenance projects, the most extensive of which was chip sealing our entire road
system in 2012, and Chris has guided us in similar fashion through these projects.  
He has tremendous knowledge of local and state codes as well as an extensive
network of contacts to draw upon as necessary.  Chris has also been our
at-the-scene inspector on numerous occasions during our construction projects.  
He has the depth of knowledge to be on-site during construction to make sure the
job is getting done right.  So as projects arise, Chris has prepared initial cost
estimates, managed the project bidding, negotiated and finalized winning bids in
good coordination with the committee, and provided on-site monitoring of the work
through completion.  We have had no negative surprises on the cost or quality of
any projects, and a substantial amount the credit for that goes to Chris and Genesis
Engineering.  He is also easy to work with and diligent at gathering all the facts
before making decisions.  It is safe to say we would not have the quality road
system we have today without Chris's help."

                                                         Paul Flessner and Ross Martin
                               Past Big EZ HOA Presidents & Road Committee members